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LK-6811 Vacuum suction plastic cupboard
Vacuum suction plastic cupboard

Product type: solid by vacuum LK-6811

Product type: single component waterborne polyurethane adhesive

Excellent performance: green environment-friendly adhesive, formaldehyde free, urea formaldehyde, no odor, non-toxic and easy to clean, at the same time, good atomization, high temperature resistance, high bonding strength and so on.

Application scope: LK-6811 is suitable for PVC and PVC and other soft materials and density boards, stone, moulded panels, wood and other vacuum plastic molding lines. Apply paint free door, door, door, soft leather box board, cabinet door, computer desk, furniture paint products.

Technical indicators: solid content, (%) 52+1 pH value, 6-8 appearance: milky white liquid.

Usage guide: the glue can be used alone. The curing agent can also be used together. After adding 2 - 5% curing agent, the mixture is evenly and then sprayed, and the adhesive layer with the curing agent is better heat-resistant. It is better to use a high pressure spray gun. The diameter of the nozzle is 1.5 - 2.5mm

Operation conditions: substrate, environment and emulsion temperature 10-25 degrees C.

Base material water content 7--11%

Coating amount: 50-100g/ per square. The amount of glue depends on the type and shape of the sticky material. It can vary in a wide range.

The setting temperature of the device is 150--250 degree C, according to the thickness of the PVC film and the machine.
Vacuum pressure time 120--180 sec

Vacuum pressure: 8--10bar film temperature: 70--100 / C

Cleaning: after the use of the spray gun, rinse it with water and take flocculation.

Storage: the original package can be stored for 6 months under the condition of 15--20 C.

Packaging: 20kg 25kg 30kg

Note: storage temperature 10--25 C. Containers containing latex must be tightly packed to prevent contamination of emulsion surface driers, and do not mix with other kinds of adhesives.