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LK-6813 leather absorbing plastic
LK-6813 leather absorbing plastic
Type: synthetic polyurethane emulsion
Application: suitable for heat absorption and adhesion between MDF or other wood products and artificial leather, pun and so on. It can be widely used in the PVC hot plastic molding of wardrobe doors, embossed doors, cabinet boards, office tables and so on.
The product features: Germany imported waterborne polyurethane raw material with higher adhesion strength.
It has good weatherability and high temperature and low temperature resistance.
Safety, environmental protection, no toxic substances and ozone layer substances are in line with Rhos standard.
No need to add curing agent, after heating activation, it has high adhesion strength.
Physical properties: appearance: milk white liquid
Brucell viscosity: 900 + 100cps@25 C
Solid content: 51 + 1%
Operation conditions: this glue can be applied to different vacuum plastic suction equipment.
Requirements: thermal activation temperature more than 52 DEG C
Caution: do not mix with other adhesives.
Do not put it in a direct sunlight or wet environment, or expose it to the air for a long time.
Product packaging: 20 kg, /25 kg, /30 kg, plastic barrel.
Shelf life: unopened original packaging, in the usual dry and cool condition, is guaranteed for six months from the date of production.