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PUR edge sealing hot melt adhesive
808.1 (divided into natural color and pure white) is a reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive with strong initial adhesion and high final strength. Suitable for large and medium-sized fully automatic linear edge banding machines, suitable for sealing solid wood, PVC, ABS, acrylic, wood veneer, thin wood chips, melamine decorative paper and other edge banding materials with wide versatility.


100% solid content, no solvent volatilization, green and environmentally friendly, no adhesive thread, waterproof, high-temperature resistant, no cleaning, high strength

Suggested operating conditions

Operating temperature: The temperature of the rubber disc is 130~150 ℃; Rubber hose temperature: 130-150 ℃;

The temperature of the glue pot is 130~150 ℃; The temperature of the rubber roller is 120-150 ℃.

Edge sealing pressure: 3-5 kg/cm, feeding speed: 10-30 meters/minute,

physical characteristics

Appearance: milky white Solid content: 100%

Viscosity: (120 ℃) 35000-45000 mPa. s Density: 1.25g

Packaging specification: 20kg/barrel

Storage: It should be stored in a dry and cool place at 6~35 º C for a period of six months.