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透明无痕封边胶 高端品牌家具专用
Hot melt adhesive with high temperature
Model: LK-7680 brand: Yong shield.
Product properties: EVA sealing edge hot melt adhesive, non-toxic, environmental friendly color: rice white.
Effective material: more than 99% softening point of 90-95 DEG C:
The working temperature is 180 -210, the viscosity is 180 88000 C 5000mpa.s.
Product features:
It has good heat resistance, low temperature resistance, less rubber consumption, wide application range and high strength.
Scope of application:
It is suitable for automatic and semi-automatic line sealing machine. It is suitable for PVC, ABS, polyester, wood skin and decorative paper. It is suitable for high school low density board, particle board, three plywood, particleboard, solid wood and wood clip. Suitable for 15 to 50 meters / minute feeding rate of large and medium-sized automatic edge banding machine.