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LK-7650黑色封边胶 进口原料生产 通用型
LK-7650 high temperature adhesive

Product properties: EVA sealing edge hot melt adhesive, appearance of white particles, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Technical parameter: viscosity value 200 60000mpa.s.
Density 1.45g/cm
Softening point 98 C (global method) resistance to hot spot 72
Operation parameters: material temperature >15 degrees, ambient temperature >15 C.
The moisture content of material is 8%--10%, the temperature of rubber grooves is 170--180 degrees.
Roller temperature 180--210 pressure 3--5kg/cm.
Feed speed >15 M / min

Scope of application:
Suitable for full automatic linear edge sealing machine; suitable for PVC, ABS, polyester, wood skin, decorative paper and other sealing materials; suitable for 15 - 50 meters per minute feeding speed of large and medium small automatic edge sealing machine;

Product features:
1., versatility is suitable for most automatic edge banding machines.
2. high heat resistance, low temperature resistance;
3. the fluidity is good, the glue line is fine and the amount of rubber is less.
The 4. strength is high and the sealing is good.